Dit product is onderdeel van Infowijs - een studio met maarschappelijk hart.

Developers that don’t need every detail explained.

Includable is an agency of design-minded people-people, building mobile apps and web platforms using the latest technologies, like React, React Native, and the Includable platform.

A spirit of design.

Whether it is cold hard minimalism or child-like enthusiasm you are looking for in your designs, we’ll be able to cook something up that captures the spirit of your business or product. And we always sprinkle on a healthy dose of simplicity.

Our developers all have at least some design experience themselves, enabling them to make smart design choices when needed, without having to bother the client for every little detail. And during the development process, our designers and developers constantly work together to peer review each other’s progress and build quality.

Some samples of our design work.

Wait, aren’t you a bit young to run a successful agency?

Oh, well, thanks, we haven’t heard that in a while! Between the two of us, we carry about a dozen years of experience in design and development, as well as a little black book with the names of the best freelance developers, designers and copywriters from all over the world. So, uh, no.

Thomas Schoffelen

Serial Entrepreneur and what not, and still not allowed to legally drink in the US. Spent his high school years making money selling software to his school (and writing poetry), then took a gap year to co-found a successful Amazon competitor in London. Now living in Amsterdam, where he brags about how Amsterdam feels "so much like a small village, when you used to live in London".

Dante van der Heijden

Taking after his dad, Dante started learning Photoshop a few years before starting his own clothing line at age 14, then ran an educational startup, then started studying econometrics and building apps. Also, for some reason, he can sometimes be spotted behind a Genius Bar in an Apple Store. Something about market research (and employee discounts).

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