Case study

Making long train journeys more fun

For Dutch Design Week, in collaboration with design studio HeijltjesAkkaya, we built a real-time location-aware trivia game to play against other travellers in the same train carriage.

Game play day in 2017.

How it started

NS is the national passenger rail service provider in the Netherlands. For Dutch Design Week, they reached out to Amsterdam design studio HeijltjesAkkaya to develop a novel concept on how an overcrowded rush hour train could contribute to a positive travelling experience.

What we built

In multiple hands-on design concept development sessions with HeijltjesAkkaya, we developed and tested different types of quiz questions and how train travellers interacted with them. The result is a game played in real time against the other people in your train carriage, with questions about the landmarks and areas you travel through. Scores are calculated in real time to determine a 'carriage champion' at the end of every leg of the journey.

The game was tested over 2 days with a host and props in the train from Amsterdam to Eindhoven, where the Dutch Design Week events were taking place.


Rapid prototyping

By relying as much as possible on existing tools, like Google's Custom Maps, we were able to allow the design team to easily make changes and quickly test behaviours.

Technologies used

React NativeReact Native
Amazon Web ServicesAWS

Learn more

Read more about the project on the HeijltjesAkkaya website.