Tech consulting at any scale

We advise and support organizations of all sizes in developing tech platforms. In addition, we are well placed to support startup companies in developing business plans, resource allocation management and go-to-market strategies.

The team

Thomas Schoffelen

Thomas Schoffelen

Having run startups since the age of 16, Thomas has built technology platforms for half a dozen companies in the past decade, alongside helping teams scale MVP tech stacks to products supported by full engineering teams.

Available services

Startup consulting

Giving you advise on how to take your idea and turn it into a real business, and how to scale that business as the number of customers and employees grows.

Platform architecture

Planning out long-term engineering projects and the architecture decisions that will underpin them. Ready for an agile team to start executing.

Team growth

As your team grows beyond just founders, you will need to start putting in place structures around growth, accountability and personal development.