Case study

Building an autonomous hotel from scratch

In 2019, we started working together with DistrictHive to launch the first autonomous off-grid hotel. We built custom electronics, a back-end API, mobile app and a host dashboard.

DistrictHive Pod in Grenada.

How it started

Priyesh Patel had a grand idea for a completely stand-alone podtel concept. After realising we were involved in building tech for another podtel concept called CityHub before, he reached out and we started working on the technical element of the concept.

We worked with Infowijs to develop the design for the mobile app, whilst Priyesh worked with world-class architects and engineers to design and build the physical structure.

What we built

Custom electronics

Together with the brilliant team at Infowijs, we built custom circuit boards for the pod, including a extensible system for adding sensors, lights and switches.

It includes a central computing unit powered by Raspberry Pi, nicknamed the HiveMind.

The HiveMind unit

Mobile app

The DistrictHive mobile app allows guests to control every aspect of their experience from their phones. This includes opening the door, buying products from the mini-bar, controlling lights, aircon and fragrance.

It's built using React Native and available for both iPhone and Android.

DistrictHive app

Technologies used

React NativeReact Native
Amazon Web ServicesAWS

Learn more

The first DistrictHive pod launched in Grenada, Spain in 2021, with more to come. It's available to book on all the major hotel booking sites.